Reality and Fiction

Over on the Authors of Main Street, our traveling writer MONA, has been out in the world again. Stop by and see where, when and look at photos. Such an amazing adventure and I am sure she will have new stories to tell and share, soon. Her books always have lovely details about other places in the world, thanks to her travels. I look forward to see what’s next!


Authors of Main Street

Since I just returned from a bus tour of Central Europe, I have decided to share with you this exhilarating experience, a marathon visit of Frankfurt, Weimar, Berlin in Germany; Poznan, Warsaw, Jasna Gora, Auschwitz, Krakow, in Poland: Budapest in Hungary; Vienna in Austria; Prague in the Czech Republic, and finally Munich, Rothenberg and back to Frankfurt. Are you tired? Wait till you hear the rest.

Wake-up call at 6 am; suitcases out of the room at 6:30; breakfast at 7 am; everyone in the bus at 8 am to hear our pretty guide and tour director, Sophia,  announce in her Hungarian accent: “Good morning. Are ve all rested?”

Dazed eyes settled on her. A few yawning echoed from various seats.

“I am sure ve are ready to go?” she continued with her unwavering smile.

One or two brave souls answered: “Ready.” Maybe they had an extra cup of coffee…

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