Sixty Mile Walk in Comfy Shoes

One fall weekend I took a sixty mile walk around San Diego, for a great cause. I met some wonderful people, shared a major experience with close friends and managed to leave without a single blister!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, but it’s a good time to think about health in general. Make sure you and your loved ones all get your checkups – for everything! Healthy is a habit!

p.s. the key to no blisters is petroleum jelly on your feet, every morning before you walk – oh and don’t forget between your toes! 🙂

Authors of Main Street

sgkomen walk banner

In the fall of 2004 a small group of ladies from my work, and my sister, decided to take a sixty mile journey around San Diego. We had all been affected, in one way or another by cancer, not all of us breast cancer, but we knew someone, who had cancer, who had survived or not, from the disease.

San Diego - Susan G. Komen Walk San Diego – Susan G. Komen Walk

Due to the weather in San Diego, it’s usually one of the later walks that the  foundation runs, usually in October or November. We started to “train” mid summer, doing our best to be prepared for walking sixty miles, in three days. Each day is a 15-22 mile walking day. It’s a lot!! We started out slow, walking five miles after work and then more on the weekends. We would change-up the course, try to enjoy the training, with breakfast after or the occasional nose…

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