5 Tips for Writing a Quotable Book Review by Stephanie Queen

Another great post by a fellow Authors of Main Street writer. Tip and reminders for us all.

Authors of Main Street

Myren Myren the ChauffeurHello to all you readers out there in book-lovers land! Stephanie Queen checking in with a big fat WELCOME TO THE AUTHORS OF MAIN STREET BLOG! Myren, my chauffeur says hello too.

I know, I know—it’s been a while since I’ve contributed to the Authors of Main Street blog, but I blame that all on Myren [It’s in his job description—Chauffeur: Takes the fall for any and all issues, problems, criticisms, and other assorted blamable things]

It’s true. Myren can be very distracting. He insists on driving around at least fifty miles a day so that I don’t have an excuse to cut his pay. I said fine—go take a long ride off a short pier and enjoy yourself. I’m smiling when I say it, I swear. But he insists I must ride along with him in the back of the limo to make it official…

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