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Love Romantic Suspense? Check out Mona Risk’s new release, Her French Count, which will be a part of 2 anthologies for a limited time. Here is the info on where to get your copy, over on the Authors of Main Street Blog!

Wishing you well, in fiction and real life!
Kelly Rae

Authors of Main Street

HER FRENCH COUNT: A full-length romantic suspenseHer French Count - Copy

Cheryl Stewart: I’m worried about my mentor, Professor Howard. He went to lunch with a prospective graduate student, a man from Malaysia, but became sick during the lunch and was rushed to the hospital for food poisoning or heart attack.

Professor Howard asked me to go to France on his behalf and help a French count with the restoration of a chapel and the search for a valuable statue that had been missing since World War II.

What could be more exciting than spending a couple of months working in the plush Loire My book's   ChateauValley, in France? I will have to live in the count’s chateau. The same count I saw at Harvard three years ago. The handsome playboy was so busy entertaining gorgeous women he didn’t give me the time of the day back then. I bet he won’t remember me.

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