Writer Problems…What’s Your Name Again?

There are a lot of issues that strike authors throughout their career. Deadlines, an over active imagination, days where a story you aren’t even working on interrupts your WIP or days when not a single person living in your head wants to come out to play. So, from writer’s block to multiple personalities – we all have issues.

Recently, I have developed a new tick, of sorts. It is a regular part of my job to create people, to decide what they look like, their mannerisms and silly quirks, and then I name them. Whatever I want to call them, so shall it be!

Thad - Teaser 1This is Thad, he is a smooth talker and a loyal friend. He has a crooked smile and what some might call a devilish grin; all held together with a heart of pure gold and a wicked sense of humor! I named him. I couldn’t imagine him with any other name.

I adore him! I better get back on topic, he is distracting to say the least. 🙂

Back to my new-found problem, a lot of times when I see someone I get an idea of what their name “should” be, you know if I was writing their life. Unfortunately, this is not always the name they actually have. When I am introduced to said person, I am now having a hard time remembering their actual name and instead want to call them the name I feel suits them best. Like the kid on my son’s baseball team who looks like a Jake to me, his name is Logan. Or the high school basketball who I call Todd, even though his name is Josh. It has gotten so bad that my son now knows who I am referring to when I use their name improperly – because it happens so often. LOL

I am not saying that I prefer my imaginary world to the real world; no, no, I would never say that. 🙂 It just seems to bleed over more and more the longer I do this and the more books and characters I have under my belt!

On the bright side it makes life interesting for me and new people I meet and gives my son one more reason to shake his head at his crazy MOM! ❤ Good thing he loves me and has a good memory for names! 😛

facebook cover photo - Weddings

Speaking of characters, Thad and the rest of his wedding crew are all on sale this month of March. Each book in the One Day at a Wedding Series is 99 cents each or you can buy the entire collection for $3.50, which also includes a BONUS STORY, When Cassie Met Thad. It’s a peek into the early days of Cassie (Book One) and Thad’s (Book Three) friendship and why their loyalty and love is so unshakeable and PLATONIC! LOL

$3.50 eBook on Amazon, Barnes&Noble,Kobo and iTunes Paperback $9.26-11.99

(Prices Vary at retailer discretion)

Bride in wedding day in lavender fieldBride in wedding day in lavender field

Thanks for stopping by today and at the very least I hope you get a good chuckle at my expense or maybe even smile knowing you do the same thing. If you have a funny quirk that you have gotten due to your work or life, tell us about it and we can all compare notes. 🙂

Wishing you well, in Fiction and real life!


Kelly Rae

One Day at a Wedding Series – RELEASE DAY for Book One

facebook cover photo - Weddings
Release days are a bundle of excitement, nerves, and a lot of hopin’ and a wishin’! LOL
I am so excited about this series, it’s fun and sweet, as well as feisty and surprising. Every day writing this series was a joy, which isn’t true of every piece of fiction I write. Some are a little more what you call labors of love, this one was all love and not much labor!
I hope you take a moment to read up about the series and take a chance on Book One: Once Upon a Wedding. Cassie is a dear character and I really think the series gets better with each book! 🙂
Once Upon a Wedding: Book Onehttp://www.amazon.com/dp/B00Q5L7O2K
Cassie Anderson, bridesmaid extraordinaire, is tired of attending her friend’s weddings either solo, or with her best friend, Thad. Finding a real date is simply too much work. Especially when she sees an old acquaintance from high school, Dan, at her friend Shelley’s wedding. After the spark shared between them, Dan has become the object of her affection. Too bad he has a nasty habit of having a date on his arm at every turn. Stealing another woman’s date is against the rules, but if she could just catch him alone…well, that would be fair game! Unfortunately, timing is everything, and she and Dan seem to have the worst. Always the bridesmaid, walking away with nothing more than a dreadful dress, Cassie is committed to changing her luck and getting her man! 
Every Other Wedding: Book Two– http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00QOKR46S
Cassie Anderson has been the girl of Dan’s dreams since high school. Unfortunately, her return to his life comes at the worst time possible. As he tries to put his life back together, he keeps an eye on her, hoping to find her single at the right time. A time when it all hurts a bit less. A time when he can offer her all of the love she deserves. After three weddings of happenstance meetings, Dan finds himself to be a little more ready for everything that is Cassie. Putting himself out there, he can only hope she is everything he thinks she might be — his forever girl. 

Anything but a Wedding: Book Threehttp://www.amazon.com/dp/B00QOLD3NA
Thad never expected to find anyone who meant more to him than his best friend, Cassie. She was the one woman he loved enough not to sleep with. He was a player, but an honest one. Unfortunately, not everyone felt that balanced out his love ’em and leave ’em ways. He just didn’t see a need to settle down — yet. Then, he met Brianna, who made him think about the future — a future with her — which was a new experience for Thad. Brianna is also a new kind of woman and convincing her that they have a future might just be the challenge of his life. 

Not One More Wedding: Book Fourhttp://www.amazon.com/dp/B00QOM3VAY
Brianna works through men like she works through her closet — seasonally. Any other way has always been trouble. When she meets Thad, she is thrilled. Not only does he intrigue and excite her, but he is just like her — noncommittal. He sets her on fire with his smooth talk and honest approach to dating. Even without being physical beyond a kiss, the thought of him makes her entire body hum. Except, Thad has gone and gotten attached to her in a way neither of them expected; attached in a way she simply cannot allow. Unfortunately, he won’t allow their relationship to become physical until she surrenders her heart to him, which is a battle she isn’t sure she can win. The longer it lasts, the less sure she becomes of wanting it to.
Dan - From Books 1 & 2

Dan – From Books 1 & 2

Thad - Teaser 1

Thad – From Books 3 & 4

Dan & Thad







Thanks for stopping in today and I hope you will head over to Amazon to Buy and/or Pre-Order your copies, today!

Wishing you well, in fiction and real life!

Kelly Rae

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Off My Rocker…

It can be painful when you choose ART, as your way of  providing a life for yourself, in this world/economy. Some days – I’ll say 1 out of every 30 for me – you decide you must be completely nuts. … Continue reading

Once Upon a Wedding – COVER REVEAL

Wedding Novella Series - Book 1

Wedding Novella Series – Book 1

As posted today on Authors of Main Street’s Blog – Here is the cover for the first in my Wedding Novella Series, out this summer!


Welcome to my COVER REVEAL DAY!

Once Upon a Wedding will be available June 9th, as part of the newest boxed set by The Authors of Main Street, titled: Weddings on Main Street.

You are cordially invited to attend more than eleven weddings this summer, as told by the lovely writers who brought you the Best-Selling Christmas Anthology, Christmas on Main Street. The reception to our boxed set was beyond our imagination and it seemed only natural to get together again, this summer.

Eleven writers, with distinct voices and brand new tales all surrounding wedding season. Is there anything more romantic than a wedding? Whether you are getting married, in the wedding party, or a guest it’s hard not to get caught up in the magic of the day.

Unless, you are a single, late 20’s gal, who is plain tired of weddings and everyone asking her when it’s her turn. In Cassie Anderson’s case, the magic of the day wears off pretty quick. Granted, it could also be the horrid dresses taking up valuable space in her closet, a closet that wouldn’t even fit her own wedding dress, if she could find a man. 🙂

As Cassie’s friends from high school and college get married and pair up for life, she has high hopes for it being her turn – one day. Even when she does meet someone whom she can’t seem to shake, she fears it will never happen. Every time she sees Dan Simmons, who has gotten very hunky since high school, the spark and sheer magnetic pull between them is palpable – but their timing is always off, way off!

Luckily, Cassie has a best friend, Thad Carlmont, who is her constant companion and date to all of these events, so at least she doesn’t have to go stag. Even if Thad spends most of his time, as her date, trying to score other lonely wedding goers, he makes a better date than her bouquets.

Each time she attends a wedding where Dan is also a guest she wonders, if maybe this time, the timing will be just right!

Check it out on June 9th, and see what happens between Cassie, Dan and the much too handsome Thad.

I am thrilled to be a part of the Authors of Main Street and I know our new readers, and those who already enjoy our work, are going to love this new anthology. Cassie, Dan and Thad are jumping up and down waiting for their chance to meet you, this June 9th, and share the first book in their novella series.

All month-long, this blog is dedicated to cover reveals and sneak peeks, into the novellas that will make up, Weddings on Main Street. So, make sure to check back, ask questions, and get into the wedding spirit with us – all summer long.

Summer Release Schedule for my Wedding Novella Series:

June 9th, Once Upon a Wedding RELEASING in the Weddings on Main Street Anthology

July 1st, Once Upon a Wedding Novella will release separate from the anthology

July 15th, Every Other Wedding Novella (2nd Book – Dan’s Story) RELEASING

Aug 15th, Title TBD (3rd Book – Thad’s Story) RELEASING

There may be more to come. I have ideas and characters speaking to me all the time, be sure to check back here or on my website (www.kellyraebooks.com)to make sure you don’t miss any news about the Anthology, or my Summer Wedding Series.

Also, you can find us all on Facebook, at www.facebook.com/authorsofmainstreet, where we love to interact with readers/friends.

Or sign up for our newsletters, here on this blog, and you will be kept up to date on new releases from each author individually, and all anthology news, as well. Thanks for stopping by today!

All the best,

Kelly Rae

Determination is the KEY!

Yesterday I spent the day on a lovely mountain, about 45 minutes from my home in the Pacific Northwest, learning to snowboard with my son. It was a gorgeous day, even though it was only about 30 degrees outside. Once you start trying to learn how to snowboard, you become beyond warm and have to peel layers. Trust me! We had a great time and I was reminded of an important lesson.  

The biggest takeaway for me was watching my son tackle the mountain over and over, so determined to get better and not let the mountain win. He must have fallen more than a dozen times, spending more time sliding on his butt down the slope than his board. I was so proud watching him go again and again, never once giving up or sitting it out, even though he was beyond frustrated and often very verbal about his distaste for the sport. LOL

I had to tell him it was time to go, because he was exhausting himself (not that I was tired or anything) and the wind was picking up and his cheeks were as red as cherries. He would have stayed out there until they closed the slopes just to get a perfect run. Life can be frustrating and things don’t always go well the first, second or seventeenth time – but if it’s something you want, if it’s important to you, then you have to press on. My eleven-year-old seems to have this fighting spirit and watching it over and over made me just amazed by him. I want him to be all of the things most parents want their kids to be; happy, healthy, responsible, kind and successful in whatever way that looks to him. After watching him yesterday I feel much better about his future. A future that will require hard work, determination and the ability to get back up every time you get knocked down.

So today, I feel a renewed sense of determination to continue my own passions and dreams. To never give-up on myself or the things I want. To look at getting knocked down literally or figuratively as another opportunity to get up and show what I am made of – determination being part of that mix!

Thank you for stopping by today, I am diligently working on edits for 2 full length pieces and just last week finished a rough draft for my contribution for the next Authors of Main Street project (www.authorsofmainstreet.wordpress.com), which I am unbelievably excited to share this summer.

For now, please check out my current releases on Amazon by heading to my website and clicking on each book cover. Your support in reading & reviewing my books is just about the loveliest gift a writer can be given. Thank you!

Kelly Rae

What if…

What if..this Christmas (sold solo & with the Authors of Main Street Boxed Set)

Jocelyn Bell

Dare Me

Want Me

New Year & New Stories

Exciting New Year News:

Due to the overwhelming welcome that Christmas on Main Street received, the Authors of Main Street are at it again – even more of us this time. 🙂 I am so excited about this new set of stories, I just know all of our readers are going to love these reads. We are all sharing our plots and character development and I am excited, as a future reader, to get my hands on this boxed set. I am feeling rejuvenated in the New Year and ready to write, excite and make readers feel hope, joy and LOVE!

Writing is such a solitary and often lonely craft, so when you can find a group of supportive and talented writers to share in the experience, as I have, it can only be labeled a blessing. I am thrilled to be working with them again and I can’t wait to see what you all think of the new set.

I wish I could give a teaser, but we have all committed to keeping the new set a secret and giving our blog and newsletter followers the first sneak peeks of the new set…due out around summer. If you want to get the scoop click on the link below and sign up for our newsletter.

Authors of Main Street Blog

If you haven’t read our original boxed set, please also see our blog for all outlet sales. We are currently #4 in  Holiday Fiction and enjoying all of the wonderful reviews by new and old readers alike.  (#4     in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Genre Fiction > Holidays)


AoMS Boxed Set

Always good to start a new year feeling optimistic and blessed!


Kelly Rae



Moving Along the Amazon Ranks….Talk about Exciting!!


The ladies at the Authors of Main Street are elated this week, as we watch our Christmas on Main Street Boxed Set rise (well technically fall) on the Best Sellers list at Amazon. For many of us this is giving us hope, after what most in the industry would agree has been a slow sales period since this summer.


As of my blog this morning here are our ranks:

Amazon         Best Sellers Rank: #144 Paid in Kindle Store         (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle         Store)        


The Boxed Set is now on sale for the next week, a treat for the holidays ahead. A treat and a bargain, only $0.99 for eleven great stories of varying length. We have several different genres, western, contemporary, inspirational, etc. It will make a great gift at this price for a reader in your life.

We are so grateful for our readers who have embraced the group as a whole, even if they were only aware of one or two of us to begin with. What an exciting time for an author with big dreams!



Kelly Rae  

New Release News!!!!

Tomorrow on HALLOWEEEEEEN, the Authors of Main Street are releasing their first Boxed Set. Christmas on Main Street is a collection of eleven stories all about Christmas with a little bit of romance, suspense and happy endings!! Below is the foreword … Continue reading