Excitement on Main Street & Stages of Life

I can’t wait for the release of our new set! So, excited to be able to give our readers another chance at a great deal, some wonderful stories and I have the chance to write books with my friends! Life is good!

Authors of Main Street

Excitement is building once again on Main Street because we’re getting ready to bring another boxed set to you.  My third wedding vow book will be in there, and this one is a little different. Maybe because the characters are different. I happen to think that is a good thing. This book would be boring if Melissa was a clone of her sister. Why? Because you know that story.wv3 500x800

I don’t want to give anything away, but Drexel, the hero in To Have & To Hold is dealing with plenty. Most people don’t face being the parent to a parent until they reach middle age, but there are tons of younger people who are forced into the role  for various reasons. And Drexel was one of the lucky ones who had the resources to provide so much.

April 1 would have been my mother’s birthday. The seventh would have been…

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