Riding the Rollercoaster

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Authors of Main Street

Life for a writer can be a series of highs andclip-art-rollercoaster-428971 lows. If you’re a writer, you know what I mean. One day you’re brimming with great ideas and excited about your work in progress, and the next you’re blocked, struggling to produce even one decent sentence. Sales are lagging or a bad review comes in, and you’re ready to quit writing altogether.

Nothing has more ups and down for me than starting a new project. I’ve recently begun a new Christmas story, and I’ve already run the gamut of emotions.

First there’s giddy excitement. I’ve got an awesome new idea. A couple of main characters with a great conflict. I’ve got a plot sketched out. OK, time to start that first scene. Nothing can stop me now.

Next comes the crash back to Earth, after I’ve drafted the first couple of chapters. I read them over and wince. I’ve…

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