A Thank You, a Promotion Plan, and Places to Promote Books

Author friends, take a look at the amazing list of promo sites that were shared today on Authors of Main Streets BLOG!! You are going to want to cut and paste this one 🙂

Authors of Main Street

It’s sometimes easy to forget that I’m not writing just for my own guilty pleasure. By putting my writing “out there,” I’m including others—inviting others to my private party. Not acknowledging the subscribers to my newsletter and readers is sort of like inviting people to my barbecue where there’s a ton of food because I like to cook, but not hanging around to chat.

I got a new review today on Stuck With You. I’d been warned not to interact with reviewers. I was told its “off-putting” (which sounds a lot like a pudding made with sour milk.) But this reader e-mailed me to tell me she left a review, so I felt it only polite to write her back and thank her…and send her a coupon for another one of my books. Yeah, I do stuff like that. That’s one of the main reasons I don’t have paperback books—I…

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