Romance, Romance, Romance, All Day & All Night by Stephanie Queen

Loved this post by my fellow Author of Main Street -er, today. Check it out and be sure to look into her books, as well. She is refreshing, original and great!

Authors of Main Street

Happy woman daydreaming about love in officeThe life of a romance writer. Thinking, dreaming and if I’m ambitious, writing romance all day and all night. It’s a tough world out there–so I hear. But I’m mostly trapped inside my head thinking pink thoughts of happily ever after and true love, about sensual tension and first kisses, about heart-wrenching longing and… well, you get the drift.
Until Myren, my chauffeur, interrupts me to whine about something or other–and not necessarily chauffeur-related–he sometimes whines about the excessive snow or the cold or the lack of food in the castle. Geesh. Then I snap out of the pink cloud of romance and bubble baths and although I’m still seeing through a fairly pleasant romantically-enhanced haze–often referred to by less creative non-writers as rose-colored glasses–the stark cold winter wonderland surrounding my castle/house becomes real.

That’s when I pull on a sweater, then a coat, muffler, gloves, scarf, and hat and…

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