Love Poem Sessions #4

John Keats, Bright Star: Love Letters and Poems of John Keats to Fanny Brawne

I almost wish we were butterflies and liv’d but three summer days – three such days with you I could fill with more delight than fifty common years could ever contain.


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Love Poem Sessions is my new favorite thing, this poem was written to his mistress, for whom it is said he loved beyond measure. A great many of the men of the time, seemed much more enamored with women other than the ones they married. Sounds like a good book! 😛
My One Day at a Wedding Series is all about love, marriage and commitment, no cheating aloud! It’s fiction afterall. ❤IMG_7588
Thanks for stopping by this Love Poem Session, see you in a few days for more ROMANCE!
Wishing you well, in fiction and real life!
Kelly Rae

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