A Chapter Share

There is a Chapter Share going on over at the Authors of Main Street blog today, if you are an author go ahead and stop by and share and if you are a READER head over and get lost in a new book and find a new author!!

Authors of Main Street

Hey writer friends,

This is an open invitation to share your first chapter. In the comments, please leave a link to a place where you have your first, or favorite, chapter online. If you’d like, leave a buy link and a cover image as well.

I’ll start the game. Here’s the first chapter of Love at the Apple Blossom Inn. It’s the story of a rock star fresh from rehab hiding in a tiny town. He falls in love with the local librarian. She falls for him, too, completely unaware of the drama that awaits her when she, and the rest of the world, discovers that the man she loves is not who he was pretending to be.

apple blossum in copy 2 Buy now: http://amzn.to/1DzHzYf


Derrick wanted to stand up and walk away from the girl leaning on his chest. She smelled of wine and her product-stiff hair tickled his chin. But when…

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