Ready, Set, Go!

Come on over to the Authors of Main Street and check out my post on what’s up for 2015. With so much ahead it’s both excitig and scary. Luckily, I sort enjoy being scared – it just means it’s time to jump in with both feet. Ready, Set, Gooooooo! 😛

Authors of Main Street

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It’s a new year and I have been excited for its arrival for a while now. There were a lot of fantastic things that came about in 2014. Including, the purchase of my One Day at a Wedding Series to Forever Red Publishing. The first two books, have been very well received and the third will be out on the 9th of this month. The best it yet to come, starting with the release of Book 3, Anything but a Wedding, starring Thad Carlmont!

Anything but a Wedding: Pre Order Now / Goes Love 01.09.15 (That should be LIVE – but I sort of preferred the typo, LOL!)

Amazon Pre-Order Link

Thad never expected to find anyone who meant more to him than his best friend, Cassie. She was the one woman he loved enough not to sleep with. He was a player, but an honest one. Unfortunately, not everyone…

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