How to Write a Review

Have you ever loved a book, but didn’t leave a review because you just don’t know what to say? Well, take a click over to the Authors of Main Streets post, earlier this week, and Kristy Tate will show you the ropes. There are even some templates, on ways to write a great review.

Reviews are HUGE for authors. It’s one way we can gain new readers, a grass roots word of mouth sort of movement can happen – with luck. Also, a lot of the advertising outlets won’t take your ads, without a solid number of reviews. There is the additional benefit of allowing an author the knowledge and compliment of expressing what was done well in their piece of work.

Take a look at Kristy’s great advice and maybe that next book you read, that you love, leave a review and make the writer’s day, as well as the next reader who picks up a copy thanks to your recommendation!

Wishing you well, in fiction and real life.
Kelly Rae

Authors of Main Street

Authors need reviews. We need to know that our time behind the computer screen matters. A good review is like warm, gooey chocolate—savored and enjoyed. A poor review is like a water balloon to the face—it hits like a rock and soaks you with chills from head to toe. You might dry quickly, but it’s hard to forget.

That’s why, personally, I never give less than a four star review. I know how hard it is to write a book. I know how long it takes. I understand the dedication and discipline.

I think of the star ratings as a report card.

5 stars an A

4 stars a B

3 stars a C

And so forth.

If I think a book is less than a 4 star, I keep those thoughts to myself.  Unless I really hated the book, then I might spout off.  I think I’ve done that…

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