The Man Behind the Mask

Amazingly thoughtful post by my fellow Authors of Main Streeter, Pepper Phillips. Please read & join the conversation!!

Authors of Main Street

I’m sure you’ve all heard the sad news about actor Robin Williams. At first I was shocked. He was such an engaging man, full of laughter and caring. How could he be depressed enough to take his own life? And then I got to thinking.

We’ve all known a class clown. That kid who never takes anything seriously, the one who acts out, the star of the show. I have a family member like that. And like Robin, he ended up addicted to alcohol. I watched the downward slide, the inability to talk rationally, the justifications and anger. That’s when I saw the person behind the mask, and it wasn’t the clown.

Can you imagine the burden of a man like Williams, always expected to be “on” and happy and entertaining? If you’re suffering from depression or bipolar disorder, like Williams, that has to be a terrible burden. I know…

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