The All Time Best Writing Exercise Dreamed Up By a Nun by Stephanie Queen

Who knew a nun could inspire the romance writer of today, lol. Check out Stephanie Queen, her post and her wonderful stories!

Authors of Main Street

MadamX-FluffyNunLets pretend you asked me where I come up with my stories. You’ll never believe it, but some people actually do ask authors this question. Even Myren my chauffeur asked me this once a long time ago before he knew me very well. He regretted it immediately was fascinated with my answer. I wouldn’t have much of an answer for that question except this one time in school, my nun came up with the most inventive way to get a story going ever.

Sister Joseph—a young nun with a quick smile dreamed up one of my all time favorite writing exercises. She started with three shoe boxes and a wad of paper ripped up into squares. She handed out three of the small slips of paper—the size of a standard yellow sticky although they hadn’t been invented yet–to each of us in the room.  And since this was catholic…

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