History Close to Home by Susan R. Hughes

Take a step back in time with Susan R. Hughes’, The Music Box Series. I enjoyed reading the books not only because of the exceptional stories, but because it was fun to learn about a different era and country, than my own.

Susan is an exceptional writer; take a look at her post and consider purchasing this great set, to add to your summer reading list.

Authors of Main Street

music box set finalThe first three books in my Music Box Series are now available as a boxed set! In this series, a music box brings three generations of couples together, from Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 1923 to Vancouver, B.C., in 1957. One reviewer said: “I treasure a story that weaves a tale that lingers long after the last page has been turned and this talented author accomplishes just that.”

I find historical fiction enjoyable and rewarding to write, but delving into a different era from your own requires a good deal of research. The series begins with Sense of Touch, set in Halifax. I’ve only visited the east-coast port city a couple of times. Fortunately, there is a good deal of material available about Halifax at the time I was writing about because of the catastrophic explosion that took place there and served as the backdrop for my story.

Dad’s childhood home (painted by…

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