Looking for Love by Joan Reeves

Such a great post today by Joan Reeves. It got me thinking and plotting, how to be the first reality TV star where I’m the center of a family, w/ 4-5 husbands! LOL Check it out and read all of the great comments as well, join the conversation!

Authors of Main Street

Bride and groom exchanging wedding ringsThis wedding season has been bountiful for romance readers. I hope you’ve been enjoying the 11 novellas, or short novels, of Weddings on Main Street.

Wedding: Ultimate Love Story?

In today’s world where couples live together and often have children without marriage, getting married seems to have become the ultimate commitment. Weddings are celebrated publicly in ceremonies ranging from small, family-only events to splashy galas costing as much as a house.

It wasn’t always like this. Ancient history tells us that marriage was first a private, domestic affair. According to Curious Customs of Sex and Marriage by George Ryley Scott (available at used book outlets), the basic function of marriage was to multiply and replenish the earth. Marriages were simply a way of regulating procreation.

It may come as no surprise, to women at least, that men in many cultures weren’t inclined to sign on for the concept of…

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