Just a Goldfish Dreaming of Success

Loved this blog, it’s a very accurate representation of how most of us, out in the writing world feel. Every sale is one step towards the realization of the bigger dream. One book at a time, one sale at a time, while we look forward and keep reaching for the next goal.

E. Ayers Weblog

There are probably over a million authors out there, and each has penned a book for a different reason. Some don’t care about great financial success or even name recognition. For some it’s just a hobby, a way of staying occupied and something fun to do in their free time.

Some don’t want the money, not really, they are just looking for that name recognition. Some want to preserve family history and make it interesting for future generations. Or they think they can somehow help others who have been in similar situations. Some enjoy scaring people or making them laugh. Other people dream of writing books, spinning tales of fantasy or about of their life, but they never do it

About those million authors with books – some will never sell a single book. But they can call themselves an author because they wrote a book. Some barely get a…

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