The Sound Of Love

Loved this post. Just too funny, ZZTop is an unusual selection indeed!

Authors of Main Street

loveYou may have noticed a wedding theme here at Authors of Main Street. It might have something to do with 11 sweet and sexy stories in a novella set with a happily ever after called Weddings On Main Street, a current #1 Amazon Bestseller in Contemporary Short Stories.

20140606-073033-27033946.jpgOne fun thing about weddings is that they are as varied as the people involved. I knew a couple who used balloons instead of flowers while the bride skipped down the aisle–honest! And then there are those celebrity weddings with tigers or a priest sacrificing chickens (trust me, not making this up).

One component of weddings is the music. Ah, you think, everyone does the same thing when it comes to music–either the Wedding March or Pachelbels’ Canon in D.

But just like a bride might wear a black wedding dress or the guests blow bubbles at the happy couple, music…

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