One Day at a Wedding Series

Image The funny thing about writing, well one of the funny things about writing, is that sometimes the story doesn’t go where you thought it might or it doesn’t end when you thought it would. When I decided to join the Authors of Main Street, for another boxed set, I quickly came up with the plot for my novella, Once Upon a Wedding.  Cassie and Dan talked to me constantly, ever before I started writing their story. (Hearing voices in your head…another one of the funny things about writing.) It was probably half way through their story, that I decided Dan’s voice needed to be heard. He wanted so badly to tell his side of the story, to talk about the things that kept him away from Cassie at the start, and how he planned to win her over. So, Every Other Wedding, the 2nd in what is going to be a summer series, was born! The best part is that I have at least 2 other stories floating in my head, so the series may continue past the summer. I might not be able to put out one a month, like I will this summer, but I have room and stories to grow. I love a story line that gets me excited and flows easily when I set out to type. They certainly don’t always go that way. So, this summer please check in to see where these characters are headed, whether they are headed down the aisle or running from one. For now, you can read Once Upon a Wedding as part of the Weddings on Main Street boxed set by The Authors of Main Street.


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Weddings on Main Street

Weddings on Main Street

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