Weddings on Main Street

Weddings on Main Street, on sale for 99 cents on a limited time basis.

WEDDINGS ON MAIN STREET, our Main Street’s second book, has just been released Small box for MadMimi letterlast week. It is now offered at 99cents for a limited time only. Incredible bargain for a box set that should have cost over $30 if you had to buy the individual books.

Perfect timing for all the June weddings! And who doesn’t love a wedding? That happy couple represents so much love and hope for the future.

All the stories were written just for the set. Each is complete and each is a full novella length. Some are sweet and some are sexy. They are all perfect for Main Street!Copy of WoMS 3d Boxed set

And here are the eleven books offered in Weddings on Main Street:

What a Cowgirl Wants by Tori Scott.

April Fool Bride by Joan Reeves.

Wedding Surprise by Mona Risk.

Small Town Glamour Girl Wedding by Stephanie Queen.USA TODAY Bestelling Author.

The Vow by Pepper…

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