What a Cowgirl Wants

Here we are, with the next wedding novella for the anthology, Weddings on Main Street. If, you like your bride and groom with a little bit of country, we have that too. You are sure to find a wedding you wish to attend this summer, all starting on June 9th, 2014! Be there and feel free to take the centerpieces, lol! 💐

Authors of Main Street

My contribution to the Weddings on Main Street is a novella that ties in to my Lone Star Cowboys series. I thought the series was finished with my latest release, Behind a Texas Badge, but my fans were so sorry to see the series end, and they had a couple of questions they still wanted answers to, so I got the idea of doing this novella for the next couple in the series who were due to be married–Blake and Mandy.


Mandy has always dreamed of having a fairy-tale wedding. Unfortunately, she has a limited budget. Her friends pitch in to help her, but problems crop up that she doesn’t expect. Should she postpone the wedding or lower her expectations?

I’ve tried to make this novella as stand alone as possible. Though fans of the series will obviously get the most out of it, I think anyone can pick it…

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