Stuck With You

Here is the next Cover Reveal for the Weddings on Main Street, our summer wedding novella anthology, don’t forget to check back each Mon., Wed., and Friday for gorgeous covers and story details. June 9th we will release all 11 novellas, in one boxed set, for the perfect summer vacation – beach read!

The Authors of Main Street are all excited to share our stories with our readers/friends! Mark those calendars! 6/9/14.

Authors of Main Street

stuck copy
We are just weeks away from releasing our latest (and greatest) Authors of Main Street Wedding Anthology. I like my characters so much that I might have to write a sequel and go with them to Kenya. KENYA. What was I thinking? I know nothing about Kenya!

It’s always interesting to look at my first attempt (I’ve heard the first draft called vomit on the page–just spit it all out–is the writerly advice–and revise, revise, revise) versus the final, or in this case, the nearly final rendition. I published my first chapter of Stuck a few weeks ago. You can read it here:

And here’s what the chapter looks like after having spent time with my writing group and my critique partners.


Click. Click. Click. Stainless steel and glistening marble. No family pictures or personal mementos. Emotionally dead. A zombie.
Andie pushed open the walk-in closet and tweaked…

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