Writing the Darn Blurb!

You would think writing the entire story would be harder than writing a quick blurb…it’s not! LOL Take a look at E. Ayer’s post – it’s so true.

E. Ayers Weblog

Yes, I’m behind on posting this! I remembered yesterday and then got busy last night and forgot. Remembered twice today but was too busy to stop. Now I will post. Everything will wait until this is done!

I hate writing blurbs and I need to write one. Do you know how difficult it is to condense a story into a few sentences? There’s this whole big story to share with you and I’m supposed to entice you with a few sentences? A blurb is supposed to tell what the story is about and make a reader want to read it.

It’s not in my personality to force someone to do anything. I had one of those jobs with about two dozen people directly under me. I was supposed to do my job and make certain they did theirs. About five people actually did what they were supposed to do, the…

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2 thoughts on “Writing the Darn Blurb!

  1. Hi, Kelly. Thanks for the re-blog. Since comments don’t follow the re-posting I’ll tell your readers that my first sentence has come into question. So it will be tweaked a little before it is attached to the book.

    They say don’t judge a book by its cover but I swear maybe we shouldn’t judge a book by its blurb. It’s a completely different skill from writing a book. I’ve agonized over them for years. I decided that my readers might enjoy seeing the process of writing the blurb and many writers might find it useful to watch another author do it.

    The blurb for almost every romance is quite simple. Boy and girl meet, stuff happens, they find a happily ever after. The problem is most folks want to know about the “stuff”. Different stuff appeals to different people.

    Ryn was a fabulous character to write. She might have been mute, but she talked non-stop!

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