Spring into Step

My Office

My Office

The business of writing, is often a lot less fun, than actually writing. I know when I was younger and dreamt of making this my life’s work; I assumed I would sit at a desk, write best-sellers, occasionally setting out on a world book tour, all the while my minions would take care of the rest.

Joke is on me it seems:

1. Still no best-seller has jumped out of my laptop

2. Book tours cost a lot of money, and that would probably mean #1 would need to occur

3. Minions cost money, and again please refer to #1

4. Social Media was not even in the picture when I was 12, so it never occurred to me how much work would be involved in staying “social”

So, today when I have finished the 2nd novella in my summer series (more info to be announced on Friday, so please check back) and it’s ready for editing and all that is left is to either start #3 in the summer series (which I don’t want to do until tomorrow) or do BUSINESS – I at least want to do it some place warm and cozy and where it feels a lot less like work. Writing doesn’t feel like work, but the rest of the branding and marketing, sure as heck does.

Thank goodness for warm spring days, cool drinks and a deck with a gorgeous view!

I hope everyone else is enjoying their day, even if the weather isn’t as nice as mine.


Kelly Rae


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