Writing is a Business…

ImageWhen you own a business and work from home, it’s often hard to set boundaries. First, I have to be clear with myself that writing is my BUSINESS. People like to marginalize it by calling it a hobby, but the reality is that I write 5-7 days a week and there is a profit, well not exactly a profit for the last two years, but this year I am expecting a profit.  Yeah me!

So, I am at home writing, writing, writing and trying to market myself on social media as best I can. Which includes a lot of time anxiously posting, editing, deleting and reworking posts, because I am not as charming as I wish I was. 🙂 Also because it’s not really in my nature to share bits of my life with others or scroll and locate information about them. This is a total departure from what is comfortable to me. Wait….that was off topic, but true so I won’t delete! Ha!

Back to my original point, it’s easy to volunteer for this and that, because you think well I am home and I can do it, so you do. It’s easy enough to become distracted when I am working between the internet, “research” (aka looking at hot guys on writers Facebook pages) and well heck the snow falling is enough some days. There are days when I look up from not working and find that I have only a couple of hours left to be productive, which makes me so irritated with myself. I am a business. My writing is my business and yes there is some flexibility in owning my own business, but it also means nothing gets done without me. If I don’t show up for work, pages are left blank and deadlines fail. And just because those deadlines are set by me, doesn’t mean they are valid, stick to dates. Image

I think it’s easy sometimes to see things the way the majority of the world does, but when I focus and remember that just because writing seems like a really cool and easy gig doesn’t mean I have to buy into that concept. It’s hard work, painstaking some days and like I said if I don’t show up, books don’t get written.


With as many ideas as I have already outlined and that come to me while I am driving my kid here and there, I will be working for a long time! Thank goodness, because I really love this work and I am excited to see my business grow and flourish and reach new heights. Goal setting 101, step ONE: SHOW UP!

Okay, now back to work, I still have time before I have to start dinner!


Kelly Rae

aka Jocelyn Bell (xo)


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