Real Life Love Stories…Say What?

Hop over to my Blog post today on Authors of Main Street, where I took a look at the Greatest Real Love Stories of All Time & ended up a little disappointed. It seems death and infidelity are real
history makers…

Authors of Main Street

Here on Main Street we write fiction, which is my preferred state of being most days. 🙂 I find the lives I create are often so much more exciting than my real life, which to be honest is fine by me, exciting doesn’t always equal a positive. I am not much for real life drama, I prefer my drama in a book or on a screen.

Writers create a great escape for others to leave the stress and worry of their lives behind. We offer characters who are accessible and relatable, who inspire and who almost always find their Happily Ever After. Which is what we all want isn’t it? At least, until we can obtain it for ourselves, reading about it helps!  have always thought so anyway.

For this blog I thought it would be interesting to discuss real life love stories. To Google I went, typing in variations of GREATEST REAL…

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