Determination is the KEY!

Yesterday I spent the day on a lovely mountain, about 45 minutes from my home in the Pacific Northwest, learning to snowboard with my son. It was a gorgeous day, even though it was only about 30 degrees outside. Once you start trying to learn how to snowboard, you become beyond warm and have to peel layers. Trust me! We had a great time and I was reminded of an important lesson.  

The biggest takeaway for me was watching my son tackle the mountain over and over, so determined to get better and not let the mountain win. He must have fallen more than a dozen times, spending more time sliding on his butt down the slope than his board. I was so proud watching him go again and again, never once giving up or sitting it out, even though he was beyond frustrated and often very verbal about his distaste for the sport. LOL

I had to tell him it was time to go, because he was exhausting himself (not that I was tired or anything) and the wind was picking up and his cheeks were as red as cherries. He would have stayed out there until they closed the slopes just to get a perfect run. Life can be frustrating and things don’t always go well the first, second or seventeenth time – but if it’s something you want, if it’s important to you, then you have to press on. My eleven-year-old seems to have this fighting spirit and watching it over and over made me just amazed by him. I want him to be all of the things most parents want their kids to be; happy, healthy, responsible, kind and successful in whatever way that looks to him. After watching him yesterday I feel much better about his future. A future that will require hard work, determination and the ability to get back up every time you get knocked down.

So today, I feel a renewed sense of determination to continue my own passions and dreams. To never give-up on myself or the things I want. To look at getting knocked down literally or figuratively as another opportunity to get up and show what I am made of – determination being part of that mix!

Thank you for stopping by today, I am diligently working on edits for 2 full length pieces and just last week finished a rough draft for my contribution for the next Authors of Main Street project (, which I am unbelievably excited to share this summer.

For now, please check out my current releases on Amazon by heading to my website and clicking on each book cover. Your support in reading & reviewing my books is just about the loveliest gift a writer can be given. Thank you!

Kelly Rae

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What if..this Christmas (sold solo & with the Authors of Main Street Boxed Set)

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