The Creative Mind

Sharing my blog post today from The Authors of Main Street, where I posted a poem I wrote. Hope you enjoy!

Authors of Main Street

Creative people, create…while this is true it also doesn’t mean we are all created (oops I was punny) equal. I am one of the least crafty people you will meet. I do not collage, or scrapbook or use tulle for anything. Nor do I want to. Someone shows me a craft box and all I see is the mess that will need to be cleaned up when it’s all done. I tried sewing once and realized that, like many other areas in life, I do not have the patience for the job. You can only put that pedal to the metal so much and it still doesn’t make the pants all on its own. Which is a real shame, because I like pants. 🙂

People often assume because you have a creative mind that this extends beyond your abilities. I have a very creative mind when it comes to story…

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