Facing A New Year as an Author

I checked in with my ladies over at the Authors of Main Street this morning and enjoyed a post by E. Ayers. We are all excited about the potential of the new year, stay tuned! 🙂

Authors of Main Street

Facing a new year, we all sort of stop and take stock of where we are in our writing careers. It was two years ago that idea for the Authors of Main Street was formed. It took a few months and some brainstorming before it became what you see today. But what has happened over that two years is almost amazing. We ended 2013 with a boxed set of our Christmas books in the top 50 Kindle books on Amazon. And we’ve got another brilliant project in the works for our readers.

What does it mean to sell over 45,000 copies of that book? It means we’ve gained a lot of readers. Now that’s exciting!

Looking back on 2013, it was a tough year. I published A Son, A Child’s Heart, A Calling in Wyoming, The Authors of Main Street’ Christmas on Main Street, and a…

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