Why I forget my age-and it’s not because I am old!

It’s my day to reveal top secret info over at The Authors of Main Street….top secret might be an exaggeration, but check it out anyway! LOL

Authors of Main Street

Go 35

Has someone ever asked you how old you are and you paused – you literally had to stop and think or maybe count? I do, all the time. I constantly want to say I am a year or two years younger than I am. And it’s not because I want to be younger, at least I don’t think. LOL! I am pretty comfy with where I am – I mean as long as I make New York Times Best Seller List by 40, I’ll be content with things.  😉

I can always recall with ease how old my son, Triton, is and often when I am cataloging things that have happened in life, it starts with the phrase “When Triton was – insert age here -“. Over the last eleven years my calendar has revolved around his moments, his milestones and big deals. I have forgotten to make a mental note of where I was in life when things happen…

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