Write More, Write Better in 2014

Great post by Bell Street, which happens to be right in line with my goals this year.

Authors of Main Street

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I’m a bit late with this post after a heavy night to ring in the new year.

After preparing all day (shopping, cooking, cleaning) for a small party for my teenagers, I slinked off to my bedroom and read Divergent until 11 pm, then fell asleep, then woke up in time to share a tepid toast of sparkling grape juice with everyone before staggering back to bed in  stupor of exhaustion. I’m the life of the party!

But despite my lackluster showing this year when it comes to hard partying, I still will give a stab at those new yearly resolutions. For my writing career, I want to write better and more. And maybe take a grammar class on the side.

To help me, I’ve thinned my stacks of writing books down to a few favs. Maybe they’ll boost your writing goals, too.

To jump start a new manuscript I…

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