2014 – Planning Out the New Year by Pepper Phillips

I agree with Pepper, although more often than not my “plans” turn out to be a list of things I only sort of finished! šŸ™‚

Authors of Main Street

Goals 2014

I admit I love listsā€¦and spreadsheets.

In my computer I have a ā€˜Houseā€™ worksheet. It is huge!

Cleaning Schedule, Books I own, Books I read, To-Do list, Errand list (oh yeah, I have passed by the bank four times because I was thinking of something else while driving). Calendar for the year that runs down the page with Birthdays and Anniversaries keyed in and other important appointments. My Wal-Mart shopping list where the items are keyed in according to aisleā€¦then they change things around and I canā€™t find anything. Ā Plus lots of other information I deem necessary to run my life.

Then there is my writing life. Ā I have several spreadsheets keeping track of my career. Ā Sales, Progress, Planā€¦some are new, designed by other wonderful women who love spreadsheets, and some are mine.

Yesterday I sat down and planned out the first six months of 2014. Which books I wouldā€¦

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