Feeling Nostalgic

Leigh Morgan is one of the Authors of Main Street who is also in our Christmas on Main Street boxed set. She is a lovely person and writer and here is a chance to get to know her a bit better.

It’s a great day for the group as we are soaring on the Amazon lists, picking up traction over at Barnes & Noble and even better we all broke into the TOP 100 Author Ranks on Amazon as of this morning! A lot to celebrate for this little group that thought they could and now ARE!!

Have a lovely Day!
Kelly Rae

Authors of Main Street

ImageMaybe it’s that time of year for opening your heart and seeking warmth. Maybe this side of me got jump-started by all the truly touching holiday stories in the Authors of Main Street Christmas bundle. Maybe it’s watching my parents age and wanting them to be content and have someone to share their lives with. Whatever the reason, I’m finding this side of me bleeding into my writing.

Young love, love uncomplicated by other significant relationships both past and present, like young children or multiple ex’s, is all about passion and exploring the possibility of permanence, and passion again. Eyes are on the future and building a unit. While not necessarily easy to write, it usually forms the basis for most romance.

Secondary characters are allowed to explore mid-life romance, with all its complications; children, whether still in the home or grown, significant prior romantic relationships, character foibles or…

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