Moving Along the Amazon Ranks….Talk about Exciting!!


The ladies at the Authors of Main Street are elated this week, as we watch our Christmas on Main Street Boxed Set rise (well technically fall) on the Best Sellers list at Amazon. For many of us this is giving us hope, after what most in the industry would agree has been a slow sales period since this summer.


As of my blog this morning here are our ranks:

Amazon         Best Sellers Rank: #144 Paid in Kindle Store         (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle         Store)        


The Boxed Set is now on sale for the next week, a treat for the holidays ahead. A treat and a bargain, only $0.99 for eleven great stories of varying length. We have several different genres, western, contemporary, inspirational, etc. It will make a great gift at this price for a reader in your life.

We are so grateful for our readers who have embraced the group as a whole, even if they were only aware of one or two of us to begin with. What an exciting time for an author with big dreams!



Kelly Rae  


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