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Christmas on Main Street

Christmas on Main Street

Tomorrow on HALLOWEEEEEEN, the Authors of Main Street are releasing their first Boxed Set. Christmas on Main Street is a collection of eleven stories all about Christmas with a little bit of romance, suspense and happy endings!!

Below is the foreword written by Joan Reeves, a best-selling author and member of the Authors of Main Street.


Christmas on Main Street by Joan Reeves

Main Street once was where everyone in small towns and even large cities congregated. People shopped on Main Street and, to the shop owners, were more than customers with money to spend. Indeed, shopping was a personal experience where the customer and owner exchanged news about each other’s family, neighborhood gossip fed the grapevine, and each person came away from the visit with a smile.

Remember how Christmas was once celebrated on Main Street? A parade with the local schools’ marching bands, decorations that spanned the street overhead, evergreen wreaths and red bows on all the shop doors, and a Santa who seemed to be everywhere, cheerily calling out, “Merry Christmas.”

Times have changed. Malls have taken the place of Main Street’s shops with the friendly owners and customers who liked to pass the time of day as they shopped for books or clothes or fresh produce. But the spirit of Main Street lives on. You’ll find it every day on Authors of Main Street as we write about Life, Love, and Books.

This holiday season, you’ll find the Spirit of Main Street alive and well in a wonderful collection of eleven holiday romances, the Christmas on Main Street Box Set. The Authors of Main Street have poured their heart into these books, all with holiday themes. With the spirit of Christmas guiding them, they have priced Christmas on Main Street inexpensively as their holiday gift to you.

Whether you say Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza, or merely Season’s Greetings, these romance novels, ranging from sweet to spicy, will give you some much-needed “me” time during the holidays.

These popular, bestselling authors await you:

E. Ayers, Contemporary/Western Romance, “Writing the Romantic Slices of Life”

Carol DeVaney, Contemporary Romantic Comedy, “It’s Love and the Little Things that matter”

Susan R. Hughes, Contemporary/Historical Romance, “Sweet with a Touch of Heat”

Jill James, Contemporary Romance, “A little Sweet. A little Sexy. A lot Happily-Ever-After.”

Leigh Morgan, Contemporary/Historical Romance, “Strong Women, Strong Hearts – Breathing Celtic magic into everyday romance.”

Stephanie Queen, Contemporary Romance, “Zing of Excitement; Zap of Wit; Long-lasting Zip of Feel Good”

Pepper Phillips, Contemporary Romance, “Southern stories with a Touch of Heart”

Kelly Rae, Contemporary Romance: “Love really is all there is!”

Mona Risk, Contemporary Romance, “Around the world through Stories that Simmer with Emotion and Sizzle with Passion.”

Tori Scott, Contemporary Western Romance, “Page-turning stories from the Heart of Texas.”

Kristy Tate, Romance, “Mary Stewart fans will love Kristy Tate’s romantic stories laced with Humor, Mystery and a hint of Magic.”

So, grab a mug of your favorite hot winter beverage, settle into your favorite chair, prop your feet up, and prepare to fall in love–with Christmas on Main Street.

May all your Christmas Wishes come true and may the New Year be full of the best Life has to offer. Merry Christmas!

Joan Reeves

Visit Joan on her blog @ or her stop by her website


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