The Life of a Writer

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Authors of Main Street

Ah, the glorious life of a writer. Sitting by the pool drinking cute fruity drinks with little umbrellas in them while watching the pool boy, Illya, check the pH, I hear the hum of the mower. That means Sergio will be coming into view, and I hope he’s not wearing a shirt. Jon comes to me, adjusts the umbrella over my head, and Poolrefreshes my drink. He leaves behind a little plate of dark chocolate-dipped strawberries. I type a few lines on my laptop and then decide a dip in the pool might clear my fuzzy writer’s mind. But as I unwrap my Hawaiian-floral cover I’m wearing, revealing the latest mono-bikini, Jon appears with a phone. I roll my eyes and take the call. I’m not the least bit interested in appearing on that popular late-night television show. I don’t care that Huge Jackman will be there. I hang up…

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